The ultimate new twitching jig from Horker Soft Baits.

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The ultimate new twitching jig from Horker Soft Baits.

Horker Soft Baits is a permier Northwest Bait maker know for soft beads and steelhead worms as well as halibut and lingcod baits. However, here over the last week Horker has launched a new product that we are very excited about. The new HSB Dragon Tail Twitcher is taking the salmon and steelhead fishing industry by storm. This jig weights a solid ounce with a 3d eyed jig head and 2x strong Mustad Aberdeen jig hook. Attached is a skirted dragon tail worm for added attraction making for a deadly combination.



One of the key bebefits of the Dragon Tail Twitching jig is the ability to use scent without affecting the action of the bait. Unlike traditional feather jigs that get gunked up and loose their action in the water. Adding scented oils to the bait enhanses not only the appearance by revitalizing the colors and flexibility the plastic but the scent clings to the bait as well making a fantastic lure for almost any fishery.



Here are some of the initial colors created by HSB right now with more on the way. Stay tuned for an array of excellent fish catching colors for the fall salmon and winter steelhead seasons.




Get your Dragon Tail Twicher from Horker Soft Baits today. Stock is selling out fast so be sure to order some now for the upcoming season. Go to



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